All the Chairs Are Dangerous, Early Demos by myself

by Pelicanopolis

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Tresca said, "This is all fine, thank you for playing me songs but you really ought to make recordings." So I sighed and borrowed my friends 12 year old Emac and...


released May 21, 2013

All Vocals and instruments by Grenold Coffee
Except Stephen Abbate: Guitar on Wake! For Morning etc...
and David Wells: Bassoon on You Should Be Asleep



all rights reserved


Pelicanopolis Oakland, California

Pelicanopolis is:
Gren Coffee-Vox, Guitar, Uke, Cornet, Harmonium
John Dowdakin-Guitar, egg, humor
Tresca Behling-Bass, Quality Assurance
Paul Conte-Drums, percussion
Stephen Seche-Drums, percussion things, graphics.
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Track Name: Wake! For Morning etc.
Wake for Morning etc.

Oh come Oh come and fill the cup
with two fingers of Canadian Club
But I wouldn't let you go without a fight
I had two fingers for you alright

With some bourbon and a book of verse
With a long dead
drunk you will converse
Gushing forth with prodigies of thought
And love that in the morning are forgot

“Wake! for morning in the bowl of night
Has cast the arrow which has put the stars to flight
And lo! The hunter in the East has caught
The Sultans turret in a noose of light.”

Old Khayyam like you fought 'till the end
To praise the virtues of his bosom friend
The daughter of the vine for whom he bled
Your still awake and we've all gone to bed

A loaf of bread, a jug of wine
a hellish job, a son who whines
a stack of bills, a wife who cries
this much is true, the rest is lies

A jug of wine, a loaf of bread
“To hell with all of you!” you said
Out of the chair after several tries
The rose once bloom'd forever dies

And now beneath the leathery madrone
A river that I sit beside alone
The ancient poet and his fluid word
You thought I wasn't listening, but I heard
Track Name: Leaving Port Townsend
Now that you're gone, are you going to haunt me?
Walk into my dreams? Or are you going to guide me
Home through the forest, with someone to drive me
Everything shattered, all of my stories

About who we are and what we're doing
And what we think and what that means
In this direction the ferry is free
Lucky me.

Seattle Airporter, you pay as you get off
No change for my 20, and the driver just waves me on
Curbside check-in, no checked baggage

It's like going downhill this coming home
Borne on silver wings and talking to no-one.

I've got a notebook and a pen
I'll write it down all over again
Over Shasta and Mt. Lassen
Where are you now? Where were you then?
It should have meant something, the sight of you dying
We shouldn't be groping, we shouldn't be lying

about who we are and what we're doing
and what we think and why it matters
we all stood there, we watched you change
and we are still the same.
Track Name: JCRBN
Hey! Won't you come to the window! 
If you can get up... 
I'm soon to be passing by on a bike 
of my own devising 

The frame is made of stainless steel 
And several paper towel tubes 
The handlebars are acres wide 
The wheels are the past and future 

Hey! Put your sunglasses on and crack the front door! 
I'll leave a streak across your eyelids 
When you blink your eyes! 

'Cos you've been sobbing on your phone 
and crying for chemicals every day 
You're just waiting on your couch 
For love to come cart you away 
You're about to miss out on a sight 
Some people rarely get to see 

The frame is made from stainless steel 
and several paper towel tubes 
The handlebars are acres wide 
The wheels are the past and future 
The people stand on either side 
To cheer me on as I come through 
And every tulip in the State 
Is in my pannier just for you 

'Cos you've been sobbing on your phone 
and crying for chemicals every day 
You're just waiting on your couch 
For love to come cart you away 
You've reduced yourself to T.V. shows 
And bad proclivities 
You're about to miss out on a sight 
Most people rarely get to see! 

Jesus Christ riding a bicycle in the nude!
Track Name: In The Shaky Grass
In the Shaky Grass

I go to places that you never go
What does that say about me?
What does that say about you?
Been standing in the street to watch the sky
I think of things every minute that might not occur to you probably
Been cherishing things that you walk by
'Cos I'm a cherisher

I know a place by the ocean where the shaky grass grows
You've never been there
The wind makes it billow as I lie
Gonna sit and lay in the sun
Wait for the people to come
Wait for the people to come and say:

"We realize now that if you were annoying
I was because you were lonely and socially awkward
You have so much to share and it was hard to bear
And we didn't have time for it
But now we're coming to where you are
We missed your being around and wondered how you were doing.
And we will stay with you 'til we hear what you hear
In the shaky grass

"May we join you in your grassy place?
We brought a thermos of soup and some fruit and some crackers
Is this the place you meant at which we now consent
To sit and do nothing?
We see now what we failed to see before that
For you to be outside there has to be a door we can come through
It wasn't difficult for us to come to you
So that's what we decided to do."
Track Name: You Should Be Asleep
You Should Be Asleep

Now the Night has wrapped me up
Now she sits upon my chest
Telling me I won't arise until I must arise at Six
Yes, I must arise at Six!
But the night says “Here, Drink this!”
Stand above and softly smiles and shakes her head
And all I want
Is to gently drift away
But outside I hear a jet
Taking lonely people to some other lonely place I bet
She has stirred me in a bowl
And then poured me here to fret
My body lies here petrified
But like a child
My mind is skipping to you
Skipping to you.
Track Name: The Working Out
The Working Out

On to the Working Out
We are marching
Palms to the forehead
Just like a senseless dream

The Hazing
The Healing
The Longing

On to the Working Out
We are marching
Where there's no garbage can
Only recycling
Where we were never lost
We were never parted

The Losing
The Finding
The Wound Up

Many moments have gone
Many moments yet to be
When we've run out of moments
We'll have an afterparty

The Losing
The Finding
The Wound Up
The Could Not
The Would Not
The Hurting
The Holding

On to the Working Out
We are marching